May 17, 2007
Welcome to this the third in the series of information bulletins on the IACA 2007 conference to be held in Kingston, Jamaica from July 23-29, 2007.
The planning for the conference is in full gear and we look forward to a very fulfilling and rewarding time in Jamaica.


    • There have been many submissions of abstracts. Nevertheless there is still space for more. This bulletin therefore announces the SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS AND POSTERS for the 2007 IACA conference. The DEADLINE for submission has been extended to 15th MAY 2007. See the web site under the CALL FOR PAPERS title for all the information that you need to do this.


    • Please remember the poster session at this conference. The decision was made to call for two poster sessions. The first will be devoted to the life and work of our colleagues who have passed on over the past two years. There are quite a number of persons who have been significant contributors to the Caribbean Archaeological movement. This poster session is meant to pay tribute to their substantial contributions. The committee has already identified a number of their peers who will be asked to prepare these posters. The second poster session will be the open category and you are all invited to make this an important part of the conference from now onwards. There are currently plans afoot to publish the posters in the Conference Proceedings. Please see the website under the CALL FOR PAPERS( The site as presented includes both Spanish and French sections. All the needed information can be found on that site
      ( Please log on to keep yourself informed, and to familiarize yourself with the work of the JNHT, Jamaica and the Jamaican heritage.


    • Ground Transportation. The major entry point into Kingston is through the Norman Manley international airport. There are a number of official carriers/taxis available at the exit to take one to Kingston. There is also a Jamaica Tourist Board information desk at the airport to answer your queries. Cost of the ride to New Kingston varies from JA$1,700 (US$25) – JA$2,040 (US$30) depending on the number of persons in the vehicle. Cost of the ride to UWI varies from JA$2,180 (US$32) – JA$2,520 (US$37) depending on the number of persons in the vehicle.


  • Currency conversion rates. Please note that the conversion rates are as follows and have been projected to the July conference date.
    1. JA$1 = US$63.753
    2. JA$1 = GBP$127.00
    3. JA$1 = CHF$52.50
    4. JA$1 = TT$9.50
  • Tours and costs. There will be three conference tours:
    1. Port Royal on Wednesday, 25th of July in the afternoon beginning at 2.00 pm. Cost JA$1,700 (US$25) refreshment included.
    2. Seville Heritage Park via the Spanish Town Historic Square on Saturday 28th of July beginning at 7.00 am in the morning. This will be a whole day affair and lunch is included in the cost of the tour. Cost JA$2,610 (US$40).
    3. Mountain River Cave via the White Marl Taino Museum and site on Sunday 29th beginning at 8.00 am. Lunch is included in the cost of the tour. Cost JA$1,360 (US$20) lunch included. This tour includes walking for half an hour at times up very steep hills.

Be reminded that the tours include walking in the sun and at times hilly terrain. Please ensure that you bring loose fitting clothes, comfortable shoes, a hat and a water bottle.


  • Hotel accommodation will largely be in New Kingston, the heart of the city’s commercial district approximately thirty minutes from the conference centre. Overflow and student accommodation will be on the University of the West Indies, Mona, and the Mico Teacher Training College campus’.Please see for full details.On behalf of the JNHT and the conference committee, I say thanks for choosing Jamaica. I look forward to working with you and to having a successful conference.

    Roderick Ebanks,
    Conference Chair
    IACA 2007.

    Roderick Ebanks is the Technical Director of the Archaeology Division at the Jamaica National Heritage Trust (your host organization). He can be reached at:

    Email : or
    Tel: 876-967-1260 /922-1287/922-1288