According to the Wikipedia Encyclopedia, brown bag seminars are usually held by schools and universities and governmental institutions. They involve lectures, presentations, or talks by researchers, mostly professors about their ongoing research.

Brown bag seminars normally run an hour or two. Originally they were scheduled around lunchtime and participants were encouraged to bring their own lunch in a brown bag.

It was this same principle that Mrs. Laleta Davis Mattis, Executive Director at the Trust had in mind when she started the brown bag sessions. Brown Bag at the Trust is quite special as it is held in the old Legislative Chambers, which houses the piano on which the National anthem was composed.

In January, Fay Ellington, veteran broadcaster and consummate communicator, gave a scrumptious serving of cultural delight by dragging the memory of those who were old enough to remember the “shut pan” and sung along with her to Mr. Tate’s favourite “mi yellow yam.”

February added an old story charm through the skills of acclaimed storyteller, Amina Blackwood Meeks. Everyone present stopped eating as they became enthralled with the stories of Jamaica’s heritage and culture. Definitely, she is a must come back especially since she is an ex-officio member of the JNHT team.

To close the quarter, Dr. Glenda Simms, Gender Consultant, served up a delightfully delicious plate of “The Role of Women in the Preservation of Heritage.” We were so satisfied, we immediately felt hungry for more and invited her back (hopefully soon) so we can feast a bit more.

When next she will appear is something you will find out at one of these wonderful brown bag sessions!


Brown Bag session took to the road in April with a tour of the National Gallery and in May there was a special Child’s Month feature.