Seville Heritage Park in St. Ann will once again come alive with the pulsating sounds of traditional African drumming and other musical delights as the Jamaica National Heritage Trust stages its annual ‘Emancipation Jubilee’ on Thursday, July 31, 2008. This is the twelveth staging of this exciting event which is being held in celebration of the African ancestors on the grounds of the Seville Great House.

This year’s Emancipation Jubilee promises to be an exciting mix of old and new. The old of course is represented in the traditional performances of the Kumina and Dinki Mini groups and the ever present ‘chocolate tea’ that has become a staple for patrons as they sip from the enamel mugs- some older than the event if one were to judge from their appearances over the years.

Among the new will be the day and night version of the event to accommodate more of an educational aspects. Among activities planned for the afternoon are: storytelling by veteran storyteller Amina Blackwood Meeks; A dramatization of the story of enslavement and journey to freedom as scripted by the Dramatic Arts Dept. of the EXED Community College. There will also be numerous exhibitions on the grounds of the Seville plantation house, all highlighting aspects of the heritage.

At midnight there will be a dramatic reading of the Emancipation Proclamation following which the Live Wyaa Band will rock the stage as artistes and crowd celebrate the Jubilee of our ancestors gaining their freedom.

Persons who look forward to the traditional folk forms will get their fill with the Port Morant Kumina group from St. Thomas who will take them through till daylight.

The Emancipation Jubilee is the coming together of traditional folk forms in celebration of the African ancestors. The event seeks to educate Jamaicans about various aspects of this aspect of their cultural heritage in a colourful package and relaxed atmosphere.

For further information contact:
972-2191 or 922-1287-8/ 922-3990