Click Link for PDF file: Calendar of events2017

January 6          
Celebration of the Signing of the Treaty with the British and the Birthday of Captain Kojo          
Accompong Town, St. Elizabeth

February 24      
Sir Alexander Bustamante Birthday Celebration
National Heroes Park & Blemheim, Hanover

March 22
GSAT Spring Break              

April 18            
International Day for Monument & Sites                                

May 5
Taino Day
Seville Heritage Park, 
St. Ann

June 2017         
Charles Town Maroon Conference    
Charles Town Portland

June 7   
Earthquake Awareness Day
Fort Charles, Port Royal

July 4    
Rt. Excellent Norman Manley Birthday Celebration
National Heroes Park & Roxborough, Manchester

July 5  
Recognition of Venuzulan Independence
Bolivar Place, National Heroes Park

July 31  
Emancipation Jubilee
Seville Heritage Park, St. Ann

July 31 –August 1        
Emancipation Observance
Woodside, St. Mary

August 1          
Scott’s Hall Maroons’ celebration                                         
Scott’s Hall, St. MARY

August 17        
Rt. Excellent Marcus Garvey’s Birthday

Heritage Month          
National Heritage Week Oct 9-16      
Heritage Week Lectures       
Moore Town Maroons’ Celebration Oct 16                                      
Seville Heritage Expo