The JNHT invites applications from suitably qualified candidates to be assigned to the post of Executive Director (GMG/ SEG 6)
Salary Range $3,547,018.00 – $4,216,290.00 per annum and a travelling allowance of $1,341.624.00 is attached to the post.

The Executive Director of the Jamaica National Heritage Trust (JNHT) is responsible for preserving and promoting Jamaica’s heritage guided by established policies, goals and objectives approved by the Board of Trustees and /or the relevant Ministry.
These policies, goals and objectives will be operationalized through projects, programmes and services deemed to be vital to understanding and protecting Jamaica’s material cultural heritage and will include the participation of a diverse group of engaged citizens as well as representatives of heritage organizations both locally and internationally who will play a crucial role in discussions, planning and development.
The incumbent leads, coordinates, manages and monitors all those activities with a view to achieve the stated policies and programmes of the JNHT. He or she makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees based on a process of continuous assessments of those programmes taking into consideration any changes in trends and needs while in the process of protecting Jamaica’s heritage.
The incumbent represents the JNHT through written communications, one-on-one meetings as well as public speaking and representations at local and international fora, seminars and meetings as directed by the Board of Trustees.
The Executive Director of the JNHT seeks to achieve the above through a team of professionals who discharge their responsibilities using ethical scientific and business practices in a manner that maximizes, as far as possible, employee motivation and commitment with high levels of accountability, responsibility as well as documented productivity, while maintaining the integrity of our heritage.

The Executive Director of the JNHT is responsible for:
 preparing and submitting to the Board of Trustees and the relevant Ministry the Strategic/Corporate Plan, Operational Plan, Monthly/Quarterly/Annual Performance Evaluation Reports, Cabinet Notes/Submissions, the Executive Director’s Report, monthly budget reports and any other reports relating to the strategic planning, executing and monitoring process as well as organization development and efficiency in output.
 training and motivating employees whose output is in line with the JNHT’s statutes, policies and standards.
 initiating and developing corporate strategies based on those policies as set by the Board of Trustees to manage and administer all areas of the JNHT, monitor the JNHT’s Strategic/Corporate and Operational Plan, develop short and long term plans, projects and programmes aimed at maximizing the use of resources in the interest of national heritage protection, direct and manage all resources, sites, and divisions of the JNHT to ensure their effective use and achievement of objectives, monitor the approved budget and assets of the JNHT, monitor all procurement processes.
 providing leadership for the overall operations of the JNHT; making recommendations to the Board of Trustees and the appropriate Minister; chairing of regularly scheduled meetings with direct reports in order to coordinate, monitor and evaluate the progress and value added of projects and programmes.
 complying with the requirements and decisions of the Board of Trustees.
 providing support and collaboration as needed to the relevant agencies.
 participating in inter-agency meetings to support on-going consultations and dialogue in discussing, resolving and implementing pertinent Heritage related issues.
 promoting awareness of the JNHT’s mission and aims.
 participating in networking and community relation activities.
 working with key external stakeholder groups through collaboration and specified Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) including all levels of government and overseas universities and resource centres.
 directing the preparation of grants and sponsorships and required reports to funding agencies and or individuals.
 approving and signing contracts, payment related documents and other required documents on behalf of the JNHT under the instructions of the Board of Trustees.
 approving expenditure for projects and programmes.

 Proficient in varied software applications.
 Excellent presentation, written and verbal communicative skills.
 Knowledge of the JNHT Act and other related information
 Knowledge of International Heritage Convention and Charters especially UNESCO’s conventions and its applications.
 knowledge of Cultural Resource Management (CRM).
 Excellent leader/manager, results oriented, strongly motivated and competent to motivate others.
 Ability to work well with diverse groups.
 Is flexible, resourceful and able to work well under pressure.

 A Master’s degree in Humanities or Cultural Studies or Heritage Studies or Cultural Resource Management or Anthropology or its equivalent from a recognized tertiary institution OR
 A Masters Degree in Business Administration, Management or its equivalent from a recognized tertiary institution.
 Ten (10) years experience in a senior position in a cultural, heritage or development organization.
 Fluency in another language spoken within the Caribbean Region would be an asset.
 Training and experience in the concepts and principles of project management.
 Training in an area of Human Resource Management and Development from a recognized institution.

(A complete description of the position may be obtained from at: JD- Executive Director)

Applications accompanied by résumés should be received no later than Monday, February 20, 2018.

Human Resource Department
Jamaica National Heritage Trust
79 Duke Street
Tel: 922-1287/8 or 922-3990

We thank all applicants for their interest, however only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.