JNHT to Conserve Antonio Maceo Monument

December 10, 2012

Kingston, 7 December 2012 - The Jamaica National Heritage Trust has announced plans for the conservation of the Antonio Maceo monument in the National Heroes Park in Kingston.

Technical Director of Archaeology at the Jamaica National Heritage Trust, Mr Dorrick Gray, makes announcement of plans to conserve the Antonio Maceo monument at National Heroes Park (7 December 2012).

The announcement of the plans - developed in collaboration with the Embassy of Cuba and the Association of Cuban Residents in Jamaica - was made at a special tribute to Lieutenant General Antonio Maceo at Heroes Circle today, on the 116th anniversary of his death in the battle for Cuban independence.

The following is an excerpt of the statement from the JNHT delivered by the Technical Director of Archaeology, Mr Dorrick Gray: "The Jamaica National Heritage Trust is pleased to be associated with the Embassy of Cuba and the Association of Cuban Residents in Jamaica and will partner with both entities to achieve the common goal of ensuring the sustainable maintenance of the monument.

On the request of the Cuban Embassy and the Association of Cuban Residents in Jamaica, the JNHT will facilitate the erection of an enclosure around the monument to better protect it and to enhance the physical appearance of the monument. The Trust will also facilitate the design and erection of a story board that will contextualise the contribution of Antonio Maceo as part of Jamaica's pursuit of self development.

Plans also include: the preparation of educational material on Antonio Maceo; the installation of proper lighting around the monument and the inclusion of the monument in tours of the National Heroes Park offered by the JNHT.

We wish to acknowledge the Cuban Ambassador, His Excellency Yuri Gala Lopez and Mrs. Martha Corbett-Baugh whose relentless efforts to ensure that this monument, which represents the relations between the government and people of Cuba and the government and people of Jamaica take its place as part of Jamaica's physical landscape.

The JNHT looks forward to a successful partnership with the Cuban Embassy, the Association of Cuban Residents in Jamaica and the wider Cuban Diaspora."

Lieutenant General Antonio Maceo lived in Jamaica for a short period and began a family. His Jamaican descendants participated in today's (Friday) special tribute.

For further information contact:
Oliver Watt | Director of Communications
Jamaica National Heritage Trust
Mobile: 564-9198 | oliver.watt.jm@gmail.com




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