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About JNHT - Development Review Committee

The Development Review Committee is an advisory body of the JNHT. Members are registered architects nominated by the Jamaica Institute of Architects, an engineer nominated by the Jamaica Institute of Engineers. The other members are employees of the Jamaica National Heritage Trust. These officers are the legal officer, an architect, a senior archeologist and the Executive Director. The Chairman of the Committee is a registered architect who is answerable to the Board of Trustees.

The objectives of the Development Review Committee are to ensure that:

  • The historical, architectural and archeological integrity of heritage sites, buildings and districts are maintained;
  • The preservation and development of our heritage sites proceeds in a systemic and careful manner.

The Development Review Committee achieves its objectives by assessing development applications and making appropriate recommendations to the Board of Trustees.

The members of the Development Review Committee are:

  • Peter Francis – Architect (Committee Chairman)
  • Christopher Lue - Architect
  • Tamara Wallace-Bradshaw - Architect
  • Gary Walters - Engineer
  • Dr. Elizabeth Pigou-Dennis – Historian
  • Paul Thorbourne
  • Michele Creed-Nelson - JNHT
  • Kadene Campbell - JNHT
  • Nicole Brown Dehaney -JNHT
  • Selvenious Walters - JNHT
  • Georgia Rookwood - JNHT
  • Christopher Miller - JNHT
For further information please contact estate@jnht.com or legal@jnht.com.


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