Jamaica National Heritage Trust -  Pedro Bank - Jamaica

About Jamaica National Heritage Trust

Our Mission

To inspire a sense of national pride through the promotion, preservation, and development of our material cultural heritage, utilizing a highly motivated and qualified team in conjunction with all our partners.

Our Vision

To be the primary organization that actively promotes and sustains Jamaica's rich heritage.

Our Objectives

  • To foster a sense of national pride and identity through heritage education.
  • To identify, research, record, interpret, regulate, protect and preserve the material cultural heritage resources of the Jamaican people.
  • To promote the sustainable utilization and management of our material cultural heritage resources.

Our Functions

The primary functions of the Jamaica National Heritage Trust are :

  • To promote the preservation of national monuments and anything designated as protected national heritage for the benefit of the Island;
  • To conduct such research as it thinks necessary or desirable for the purposes of the performance of its functions under the Jamaica National Heritage Act;
  • To carry out such development as it considers necessary for the preservation of any national monuments or anything designated as protected national heritage;
  • To record any precious objects or works of art to be preserved and to identify and record any species of botanical or animal life to be protected.


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