Portland Heritage Sites

Welcome to the JNHT Portland Heritage Sites.

  • Portland Parish Church - (Christ Church) is built on land indentured on 3rd September, 1836
  • St. George's Anglican - once the Parish Church of the former parish of St. George.
  • Port Antonio Court House - was erected in 1895 on the direction of the Colonial Secretary.
  • Fort George - situated on the Titchfield Peninsula in the town of Port Antonio
  • Seaman's Valley - property has on it the ruins of the great house, and the 1st European cemetery in this area
  • Titchfield Peninsula - the 1st place to be settled by the English, known as the oldest settlement of the town.
  • Folly Point Lighthouse - built in 1888, the Tower is constructed of masonry and is fire proof.
  • DeMontevin lodge - an eclectic mix of the Victorian architectural style
  • Orange Bay Railway Station - demonstrates Jamaica/Georgian features.
  • Moore Town - today governed by a Colonel, a Maroon given the honorary title earned by his ancestors
  • Nanny Town - named after Nanny, the great Maroon leader who brought the Maroons many of their victories during the first Maroon war.



Ever since the capture of Jamaica by the English from the Spanish in 1655, the need for fortification became immediate because of the...



The Morant Bay Courthouse, which was destroyed by fire on Monday, February 19, 2007, is an important part of St. Thomas's history.



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