Fast Facts - National Emblems

The Flag

With Independence in 1962, the Union Jack was replaced by the Jamaican flag. The colours of black, green and gold The Jamaica National Flagsymbolise a country willing to prosper in spite of trying circumstances: Hardships there are but the land is green and the sun shineth.

The colours of the flag black, green and gold symbolise the sun shineth, the land is green and the people are strong and creative. Black: strength and creativity.



The Ackee (Blighia Sapida)

The Ackee though not indigenous to Jamaica, has remarkable historic associations. It was originally imported from The AckeeWest Africa and probably brought here on a slave ship.

Jamaica is the only place where the Fruit is recognised as an edible crop although the plant has been introduced into most of the other Caribbean Islands, Central America and even Florida.




The Doctor Bird or swallow-Tail Humming Bird (Tro
chilus Polytmus)

The Doctor Bird or Swallow-Tail Humming Bird, lives only in Jamaica and is one of the most outstanding of the 320 The Doctor Birdspecies of Humming Birds.






Lignum Vitae (Guiacum Officinale)

The Lignum Vitae is indigenous to Jamaica and was found here by Christopher Columbus. It is believed that the Lignum Vitaename 'word of life' was then adopted because of its medicinal values. In addition to producing an attractive blue flower, the plant itself is extremely ornamental. The wood is used for propeller shaft bearings in nearly all the ships sailing the Seven Seas. As a result, the Lignum Vitae and Jamaica are closely associated with shipbuilding.





The Blue Mahoe (Hibicus Elatus)

The Blue Mahoe is one of Jamaica's primary economic timbers. It is used mainly for making furniture. The Blue mahoe











The Jamaican Coat of Arms

This is largely a legacy from the British with slight modifications. The pineapple represents a fruit considered The Jamaican Coat of Armsindigenous, the Tainos the first inhabitants and the crocodile, the indigenous reptile in Jamaica. The phrase which is inscribed on the emblem used to be in Latin "Indus-uteroque Serviet-UNI. In 1962, the phrase was translated to English "Out of many, one people".







Ever since the capture of Jamaica by the English from the Spanish in 1655, the need for fortification became immediate because of the...



The Morant Bay Courthouse, which was destroyed by fire on Monday, February 19, 2007, is an important part of St. Thomas's history.



Built in 1885 of masonry and timber, the Simms building exhibits a combination of Gothic and Georgian features; the projecting...