Here are links to information relative to Jamaica's History, Government, Political Parties and General Facts.

  • History - Jamaica's history from the Pre-Columbian era to Independence.
  • Government - Jamaica is a member-state of the COMMONWEALTH OF NATIONS and is governed by PARLIAMENTARY DEMOCRACY.
  • Political Parties - Jamaica has a two major political parties being the Jamaica Labour Party and the People's National Party. A large number of minor parties have cropped up and disintegrated in the past, with very few (if any) actually winning seats in Parliament.
  • Fast Facts - A list of fact on Jamaica including the national anthem, pledge, song, heroes and more.




Ever since the capture of Jamaica by the English from the Spanish in 1655, the need for fortification became immediate because of the...



The Morant Bay Courthouse, which was destroyed by fire on Monday, February 19, 2007, is an important part of St. Thomas's history.



Built in 1885 of masonry and timber, the Simms building exhibits a combination of Gothic and Georgian features; the projecting...