Salter's Hill Baptist

Salter's Hill Baptist

Ruins of Salter' s Hill

Parish: St.James

Voluntarily constructed by enslaved Africans in 1825, the Slater's Hill Baptist Church is of significance having contributed greatly to the welfare of the enslaved and former enslaved communities during the pre and post emancipation era.

The building is also connected with Walter Denby, a Scotsman. Rev. Denby was imprisoned for his work with the enslaved Africans but he was subsequently released and continued the building of the Church.

Salter's Hill Baptist 2From this site a former enslaved person in the post emancipation period addressed a huge crowd and highlighted the injustices of the system. He also spoke about the need for land in order for enslaves to become self-supporting. The famous abolitionist William Knibb also served this church as a Minister.

The Walter Denby Memorial was erected on the site as a tribute to Pioneers in the Baptist Ministry and those who worked on behalf of the labouring population after emancipation.

The Slater's Hill Baptist Church was destroyed by fire in the early nineteenth century; however, the basic structure of the building remains standing. It is a symmetrical cut stone building in the Georgian style of architecture and the design is very attractive. The interior of the building retains the dominant character of the design, for example, the arches for the windows and doors and the baptismal font are still intact.



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